Leonard Wimbley

Leonard Wimbley is an ASCM Certified Exercise Physiologist who recently obtained his Masters in Exercise Science from Cleveland State University.

He loves to exercise and research new and creative workouts. He is excited to work with clients on developing an exercise program that incorporates more than just running on a treadmill. He believes working out should be challenging and fun and he likes to incorporate a variety of drills and exercises to help clients obtain their goals. Leonard is excited to show clients how to add variety and excitement to their workouts.

Some of his favorite workouts involve HIIT training and bodyweight exercises. He has also been practicing Muay Thai for about a year at riverview.

Leonard practices what he preaches and he is excited to start working at Riverview to get YOU in shape! He offers hour long private training sessions early mornings, evenings and weekends. Contact him at leonard.wimbley@gmail.com to get started!