Joe Balish

I am a student of Muay Thai and have been fortunate to study under the guidance of Kru Hope Vitellas at Short North Muay Thai (SNMT) in Columbus Ohio. In 2006, I became bored with the traditional exercising options of running and lifting. In my search for an alternative, I was referred to a 4 car garage (that was converted to a gym) to try this “kickboxing” class. Ever since then, I have been fully committed to learning the art of Muay Thai and applying its underlining lessons in my daily life.

With the permission of SNMT I am very excited about the opportunity to bring a Muay Thai class to Riverview Martial Arts. The instruction will be centered around traditional Muay Thai technique and SNMT movement. The classes are structured to push each individual to higher mental and physical levels in a positive and supportive environment so that we are better, happier and healthier people. We will stand by the old school Thai ethics of respect others, show humbleness, be gracious and cool-hearted. This foundation was instilled into me and I am honored and privileged to pass it along to you through this class.