Pat Scullin

  • Twenty years as a police officer
  • Lead departmental training officer, field training officer and auxiliary and matron trainer
  • Seventeen years experience as a SWAT team member
  • Seventeen years as a hostage negotiator
  • State certified instructor in close quarters combat, shot avoidance, defensive tactics and ground fighting.
  • Instructor for non-lethal suspect apprehension by use of Taser, straight and side-handled baton, OC spray, handcuffing and defensive tactics
  • Dignitary protection assignments for Sarah Palin, Presidents Bill Clinton and Gearge W. Bush and Pratibha Devisingh Patil, The President of India
  • Two time national champion Law Enforcement Officer Performance and Reaction Drill (LEOPARD) challenge
  • Participated in World SWAT Challenge in little Rock Arkansas
  • Hold belts in Tae Kwon Do, Shao Lin,Tang Soo Do and Combat Hapkido

Pat is a co-owner of Armed Combat Tactics “ACT”, which provides state of the art training with handguns and other tactical weapons including hand to hand combat.