Riverview Martial Arts & Fitness offers sports specific training in a private or group setting.

Increase your overall sports performance through individually designed workouts that focus on the muscle groups specific to your sport.

Competitors of all ages looking to gain an edge in their sport can benefit from sport specific training. Speed, interval, and strength training will improve your flexibility, power, speed, cardiovascular conditioning, and reduce your risk of injury on the playing field. Instructors at RMA have worked with athletes who compete in a variety of sports including martial arts, hockey, tennis, wrestling, figure skating, lacrosse, softball, and running. Instructors incorporate a variety of equipment into your training including weights, battle ropes, speed bags, medicine balls, Bosu balls, full body exercises, and a Vertimax trainer. The Vertimax trainer is a platform training system. Professional, youth, and recreational athletes utilize the Vertimax trainer to improve functional strength for their sport. Through multiple resistance and pulley systems, workouts on the Vertimax trainer can be designed to target the muscle groups and skills essential to your sport. The Vertimax trainer improves your functional strength, speed, explosiveness, and vertical jump. If you are an individual looking to improve your athletic performance or coach looking for additional conditioning for your team contact Riverview Martial Arts to discuss training plans that are right for you!