Self Defense Seminar (3 hour clinic)

Self Defense for Women is a class dedicated to empowering women to fight back!

The class provides you training and education in:

  • Awareness & Prevention
  • Practical Self-Defense Tactics
  • Hands-on situations to fight your way out of
  • Straightforward Approach

Awareness & Prevention

We start out by taking you through the steps of being aware of your environment and helping to minimize the risk of being a victim.

Practical Self-Defense Tactics

We train you to use your hands or any other objects that might be available to assist you in getting out of a dangerous situation.

Hand-On Situations

We move you through live hand to hand combat drills that could help save your life. With our state of the art equipment, you will be put into stressful situations and be taught how to fight your way out.

Straightforward Approach

The principles that we use are based on practical tactics that are used by law enforcement, military and martial arts professionals. This is NOT a martial arts class. It teaches basic, straightforward tactics that you could use to defend yourself or loved one in a hostile situation

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