Finalist Isabella Kovacs making us proud...

I am proud to share this awesome information with our Riverview Family.  Isabella Kovacs, one of my martial arts student who is well on her way to get her black belt was a finalist in the 10th annual Stop the Hate essay program.  It is a great article and I wanted to share it with all of you.  A copy of the article is attached below, please join me in congratulating her on this amazing achievement.  

Tang Soo Isabella!!!

Master Ritvo

Finalist Isabella Kovacs making us proud.jpg

Gup and Red Belt Testing

There will be Gup testing on Wednesday 3-14-18 at 5:45pm. 

Testing will last approximately 75 min.  Immediately following, there will be Red Belt testing at 7:00.  That test will last approximately one hour.  The following students are eligible to test:

  • Trace S
  • Caleb J
  • Toby O
  • Aparna V
  • Aryan V
  • Ethan H
  • Jason S
  • Mia L
  • Christopher L
  • Owen T
  • Khandsuren M
  • Adam S
  • Jim S
  • Todd V
  • Katie V
  • Cheryl L
  • Damien L
  • Oscar C
  • Cameron F
  • Luke W
  • Jack L
  • Alexander K
  • Isabella K

If you feel your name was overlooked and you have any questions, please let me know.

Master Ritvo