Gup and Red Belt Testing

There will be Gup testing on Wednesday 3-14-18 at 5:45pm. 

Testing will last approximately 75 min.  Immediately following, there will be Red Belt testing at 7:00.  That test will last approximately one hour.  The following students are eligible to test:

  • Trace S
  • Caleb J
  • Toby O
  • Aparna V
  • Aryan V
  • Ethan H
  • Jason S
  • Mia L
  • Christopher L
  • Owen T
  • Khandsuren M
  • Adam S
  • Jim S
  • Todd V
  • Katie V
  • Cheryl L
  • Damien L
  • Oscar C
  • Cameron F
  • Luke W
  • Jack L
  • Alexander K
  • Isabella K

If you feel your name was overlooked and you have any questions, please let me know.

Master Ritvo