Martial Arts Training Builds Confidence

There are obvious physical benefits to martial arts training, including strength, balance, coordination, endurance and stamina.

But another benefit that the discipline brings to dedicated practitioners is confidence - the feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

As martial arts instructors, we teach our students to be confident in order to minimize their chances of becoming a victim. Unfortunately, bullies, criminals prey on the weak as they often assume are an "easy target." Even if an individual does not have the ability to defend them self, projecting a sense of confidence will do a lot to prevent harassment or victimization.

This is especially important for kids in school, where all too often bullying takes place. Projecting confidence not only protects them from victimization, but also gives them the ability to walk away from petty situations that could lead to more severe altercations.  Being confident in one's self and abilities keeps them from having to prove themselves.


Whether you’ve just started martial arts or are a seasoned practitioner, the self-confidence you will develop is unrivaled by any other activity. There’s no doubt that martial arts truly brings out the best in all its practitioners - and projecting confidence proves we are at our best.

As I always say, we train to fight so we don’t have to!

Tang Soo! 
- Master Ritvo